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What We Do

We are a pre-seed and seed investor that empowers gifted entrepreneurs.

We empower early-stage startups to grow through investment, in-house expertise, and a network of global advisors. With South East Asia as our investment playground, we invest at seed/series A stage in rounds from 50,000 to 1 million ringgit. We join early and invest for the long haul.

The startups that we back have a strong value proposition, clear brand potential, a mastered production and supply operation, and a proven scalable business model.

Partnering With Us
Partnership With Entrepreneur
From day zero through all the stages of growth, we support our founders through our platform.

We discovered early on that the best way to achieve impact at scale is to work alongside leaders, and leading organizations, who share our ambition. We will leverage on our network and back our founders to capture their full potential.

Value Creation
We focus on high growth markets in South East Asia. We are committed to achieving faster progress toward building a more diverse team and culture. To accelerate change, we will examine our recruiting and development practices; create forums for open, honest conversation about inclusion and racial equity; and formulate specific goals and action plans.
Strategic Operational Support
We are experienced entrepreneurs and enable founders to succeed by providing access to hands-on strategists, and industry and functional experts in Talent Management, Digital Marketing, Finance, Tech, and operations.
What Clients Said

Provide Useful Advices

We are honored to work closely with Mr Asgari Stephens and Jet from Intelligent Capital team. They helped us with our accounting and management systems and  Jet eventually became our virtual CFO. Mr Asgari has made himself available and we have had a number of smart discussions and he has provided a lot of useful advice.


Invaluable Partner

Intelligent VC is one of Common Ground’s early-stage, seed investors. As one of our initial backers of the business, Asgari and his team identified the huge opportunity in coworking in the South East Asian region and shared our vision in becoming a market leader in the countries in which we operate. Intelligent VC has been more than an investor for Common Ground. They have been an invaluable partner that has provided sound advice throughout our growth journey as well as enabled us to leverage on their deep local network of landlords, clients and partners.

Juhn Teo, Co-founder

Quick Process

Their process was quick, efficient and within 3 crucial months the paper work was completed and the funds came in time to see us through the Covid-19/MCO period of sudden slowdown; had it not been for IC’s funds and constant support, we may not have survived and grown so rapidly. Wish other investors had a similar (Trust the Founders can get it done!) approach to support start-up.

Devindran & Brahma

Pro-Active Investors

It has been a real pleasure working together with Intelligent Capital. Definitely one of the more pro-active investors that has always provided good insight for the overall growth and direction of our business. We look forward to the many more iconic years ahead.

Hugh Koh

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